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company business
die casting business
the die-casting segment consists of three die-casting production bases in guangdong gaoyao, nantong, jiangsu, and wuhan, hubei. it covers a total area of ​​750 acres and has more than 800 existing engineering and technical personnel. more than 150 machines, more than 1,200 precision cnc machining centers, with an annual production capacity of 120,000 tons of various precision aluminum alloy die castings, die casting plate components include guangdong precision die casting engineering technology research and development center, and guangdong provincial enterprise technology center guangdong light alloy precision die casting enterprise research institute, guangdong enterprise key laboratory, guangdong academician expert enterprise work station, guangdong province doctor work station, guangdong postdoctoral innovation practice base, "national engineering research center for light alloy precision molding-guangdong hongtu branch r & d platforms such as “jiangsu (hongtu die casting) light alloy precision die casting engineering technology research center, guangdong hongtu nantong die casting postdoctoral research station and jiangsu provincial certified enterprise technology center, etc.” gm, fiat chrysler, tes many customers such as latin america, volvo, nissan, honda, toyota, geely, gac, byd and so on have been well received.
main business
develops, designs, manufactures, and sells various types of precision aluminum alloy die castings and related accessories, which are widely used in automotive, communications, and electromechanical products.

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